Event Postponed

We are looking to reschedule the event to a more ideal time to provide attendees the best possible experience.


We invite you to the industry’s first Simplicity Symposium, where we will provide a clear road map to integrating this all-empowering technology into your practice.

Use the right technology in the right way for the right purpose. It really is just that simple.

patient retention







and more

through technology & mobility


The Art of Efficiency
Dr. David Fletcher, DC, FRCCSS

Chiropractors are ready for the next great message to bring to their communities. Spinal care can actually become the greatest entry point for creating a wellness practice IF there is the right inspiration, education, and communication within the office. Join two of chiropractic’s leading companies as they partner in this special one-day event.

  • Learn when every patient’s Critical Shift occurs, allowing them to commit to the full scope of chiropractic care
  • Experience the ease of a finely tuned, organized front office, using Chirotouch, the world’s finest management system
  • Introduce your team to powerful reporting and care planning using the amazing COREscore easyScan from CLA
  • Learn how to communicate in simple, understandable terms that virtually guarantee months and even years of family centered care
  • Explore the Business of Wellness: integrated clinical and office systems that position your office as a perpetual profit center


Dr. Gary Street“The Basics” Chiropractic Medicare
Gary R. Street, D.C., Ph.C., F.I.C.A., F.P.A.C., L.C.P., D.Ph.C.S.

Dr. Street has developed and teaches “The Basics” Chiropractic Office Fundamentals since 1978. He tours the United States teaching “The Basics” Chiropractic Medicare Workshop to Chiropractic groups, state associations and colleges and is known as the “Chiropractic Medicare Specialist”.

Dr. Street will cover:

  • Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN)
  • Chiropractic Medicare Providers
  • Documenting the subluxation
  • Establishing a correct diagnosis
  • Understanding the chiropractor’s primary job in Medicare
  • Medicare Electronic Health Records
  • Understanding Medicare documentation by federal standards
  • Producing federal documentation with the Chirotouch program

*For a detailed class syllabus of what Dr. Street will be presenting click here

Using Technology to Simplify Your Practice
Robert Moberg, President, ChiroTouch

The landscape of hardware and software technology has evolved from tools used to accomplish a specific set of tasks, to fully integrated digital systems that play a critical role in improving patient care, increasing practice efficiencies, and connecting the patient, the practice, and the provider.

Mobility continues as the platform of interest and choice for clinics, hospitals, and vendors within all healthcare sectors, and chiropractic is again at the forefront of this entrenchment. The right technology can give doctors and CAs alike more time to focus on both the patients and the practice. And while the power of technology has made the complex simple, how it’s implemented in the practice environment is just as important as the technology itself.

Come and learn:

  • The pros and cons of premise server versus cloud solutions
  • How the transition to mobility is affecting software applications
  • Best practices in mobility: iPad/iPhone, Microsoft Surface, Android
  • Compliance in a digital environment
  • How to use technology to empower your practice, improve care, and increase profits

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